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    Holy Crap Batman!

    July 8, 2008

    Uh…so I haven’t been around these parts for a few weeks–in my head I was all “…hmm…..okay it’s been like a week or so since I’ve written anything on the old blog…better get to gettin on that, for all five of my readers, lest they think I’ve gone to the Big Blog in the Sky.” and then I got here…and well, yeah it’s been a few weekS with a big fat old capital plural S.

    So, how’s your summer going? Mine has been going by in a blur, which is either about to get better or worse–I’m not quite sure yet. I’ve been doing enough freelancing on the side to finally justify giving my oh-so-exciting part-time job at the old Non-Profit the heave ho. Seriously, the 18th (just 8 sweet weekdays away) is totally my last day of working for The Man. Then I’m totally working for myself, which is exciting, but a little terrifying. Luckily I have a few weeks to tell if I’m totally going to sink or swim in this whole “No really, I may have a small portfolio, but I’m a fantastic freelance web designer/coder and you should totally let me build a site for you” endeavor. Guess it’s a really good thing that what I make does not in any way represent a significant portion of the old household budget, right?

    In other exciting news, I am also writing reviews over at Mommy Needs A Review. Kristen has some awesome contacts, so there will be some great giveaways. In fact, if you go to Mommy Needs A Review later on this evening, you’ll see what I’m talking about (HINT HINT, I AM GIVING AWAY SOMETHING YOU DEFINITELY WILL WANT TO WIN).

    So tell me, what exciting things are you doing with your summer so far?

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    Hillary grunts when she plays tennis

    March 3, 2008

    First off, I just want to mention this site. We played around with it on Friday and I laughed and laughed and laughed at some of the submissions. What’s that? I’m easily amused and need to leave the house more? Yes Internet, you’re probably right about both of those points.

    Last week was just busy. I had things going for school, work and design stuff too. That and the end of February is when my mother’s birthday occurs, which is usually a hard week for me as well. That almost sounds like my mother is dead, right? She isn’t, but sometimes I often wonder if it wouldn’t be easier overall if she were. Which is probably really really terrible and awful to say (or in this case to write), but it’s the truth.

    Let me give you the short version of the story so that maybe you’ll understand a little bit better. I am my mother’s only child. My parents divorced when I was very very young. I’ve never asked either of them when exactly they got divorced because it was always an extremely touchy subject, but from what I can piece together actually happened when I was around 2-ish. I lived with my mother most of the time and there were times when it was really really rough. Other than the fact that we were often extremely poor, my mother suffers from depression and anxiety and made things…complicated. I finally made a conscious decision at 14 to move to Idaho and live with my father’s family because quite simply I had had enough.

    Fast forward to the present. For one reason or another (and I’m still not really sure of the exact reason or reasons) my mother has not spoken to me in almost 14 years. I couldn’t even pick up the phone to call her if I wanted to because I have no idea where she is. The last address and phone number that I had for her aren’t hers anymore. She has no idea that I’ve graduated from college, that I’m married and that she has a grandson.

    Understandably this is an area of my life that I don’t talk about very much, even with my husband. Some of it is because, yes, it is a very sensitive area and the hurt is pretty much always raw right below the surface. Some of my reluctance to want to talk about my mother is because I don’t even know the words to describe how I feel about it all. For a time in my mid 20’s, I really thought that I had come to terms with it all, but it took having Owen and becoming a mother myself to understand that no, what I had really done was just to push all the feelings down so that I didn’t have to deal with them anymore.

    The really crappy thing about repressing things? No matter how hard you think you’ve pushed something down and away (it’s gone! never to come back and bother you again!) is that until you finally realize that you have to deal with it, those repressed things keep coming back again and again. I have tried therapy a few times to see if that would help but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I just have to pull things out, examine them and come to conclusions on my own and on my own time.

    Wow, what a Debbie Downer of a post this has turned into, right? I didn’t mean to be so dark and gloomy for the start of the week. Last week, I was fumbling through, sad, tired and tearful. This week is looking up. February, my least favorite month of the year is over and we have moved on to March. There are buds on the trees and Spring is coming quickly.

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    Mother-Talk book review: The Reincarnationist

    October 20, 2007

                                      The Reincarnationist Book JacketHave you ever met someone and inexplicably felt like you knew them from somewhere else and couldn’t explain it?  Or visited somewhere and felt that you had some sort of unexplainable connection?  Perhaps the reason is because you have been to that place or met that individual previously–just not in this lifetime.

    M. J. Rose’s latest book, The Reincarnationist, which centers specifically around the premise that everyone has led multiple lives over the centuries and sometimes parts of those other lives break through into our current lives, spins a powerful tale that is part mystery, part intrigue and even at times, part romance. 

    The main story centers around photographer Josh Ryder who, after a life-altering accident and subsequent recovery, starts experiencing flashbacks of another time and place that he should have no way of remembering.  Josh’s journey to understand what exactly is happening to him leads him across the world to a secret archeological dig in Rome that has just unearthed a secret treasure that could change the world.  Not everyone wants this secret to be shared with the world and one shadowy figure in particular is even willing to kill to keep the secret from getting out.

    I was really excited to receive this book to review–historical fiction is one of my favorite genres.  The book started off a little slow, but after the first few chapters, the overall pace of the story really picked up and then it was all I could do to stop myself from staying up all night to read.  Regardless of whether you believe that reincarnation is real, this book is entertaining, addictive, and even makes you think.  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good read.

    Additionally, I received some information with the book that detailed the author, M.J. Rose, is planning on doing a whole series of books in a similar vein to The Reincarnationist.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series to hit the shelf.