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    Holy Crap Batman!

    July 8, 2008

    Uh…so I haven’t been around these parts for a few weeks–in my head I was all “…hmm…..okay it’s been like a week or so since I’ve written anything on the old blog…better get to gettin on that, for all five of my readers, lest they think I’ve gone to the Big Blog in the Sky.” and then I got here…and well, yeah it’s been a few weekS with a big fat old capital plural S.

    So, how’s your summer going? Mine has been going by in a blur, which is either about to get better or worse–I’m not quite sure yet. I’ve been doing enough freelancing on the side to finally justify giving my oh-so-exciting part-time job at the old Non-Profit the heave ho. Seriously, the 18th (just 8 sweet weekdays away) is totally my last day of working for The Man. Then I’m totally working for myself, which is exciting, but a little terrifying. Luckily I have a few weeks to tell if I’m totally going to sink or swim in this whole “No really, I may have a small portfolio, but I’m a fantastic freelance web designer/coder and you should totally let me build a site for you” endeavor. Guess it’s a really good thing that what I make does not in any way represent a significant portion of the old household budget, right?

    In other exciting news, I am also writing reviews over at Mommy Needs A Review. Kristen has some awesome contacts, so there will be some great giveaways. In fact, if you go to Mommy Needs A Review later on this evening, you’ll see what I’m talking about (HINT HINT, I AM GIVING AWAY SOMETHING YOU DEFINITELY WILL WANT TO WIN).

    So tell me, what exciting things are you doing with your summer so far?

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    Well hello there

    June 23, 2008

    You would think that with my child at Grandma’s & Grandpa’s house for the week (can I get a HALLELUJAH?!!!), I’d at least have the courtesy to write something–you know, throw out some amusing little tidbit from my daily life that we could all have a chuckle at and move on.

    Well, you’d probably be wrong.

    The Boy is indeed at Grandma & Grandpas, no doubt being seriously spoiled as I type this, and I have an extremely quiet house for the rest of the week. The woman who usually watches Owen is on vacation in Florida this week and my two options were to either take off the entire week to stay with Owen or to ship send The Boy to the in-laws for the week. It was a tough decision (hmm…with The Boy 24 hours a day for 7 days straight with no break….or…empty house with no small ‘helpful’ child or husband for 7 days…hmmm…) but ultimately, I was able to power through and make the choice least likely to result in my ending up on the local news under the tagline of “…local mother snaps suddenly”. Seriously though, Owen’s only been gone for 3 days and I am missing his squishy little self. Almost even the part where he sleeps sideways and wakes me ever so gently by kicking me solidly in the kidneys first thing in the morning.

    Other than that, life is pretty dull at Casa YouMeAndABaby–I’m trying to fit in all the things that need to get done around the house and tend to go better without a little helper (see: scraping paint from back door and re-painting) as well as some freelance jobs that have come up, so it’s actually a fairly busy and boring week.

    I can’t believe that the 4th of July is right around the corner. The Husband will be home and we’ll be traveling to Alderson, West Virginia, our usual 4th destination, for a family reunion of sorts and fireworks. My favorite part is always the food since everyone usually brings a dish of some kind or another and there’s lots of good food to eat. I usually go with my old standby–potato salad made from my grandmother’s recipe. In the two years that I’ve brought it, I haven’t had to bring any leftovers home (and that’s even with a huge double batch).

    Does anyone else out there ever feel like they’re always going to be socially awkward forever? It’s probably not as bad as I’m thinking it seems, but I just never seem to be able to talk to people that I don’t know very well without saying something dumb or managing to plant my foot squarely in my mouth, usually multiple times. The crazy part is that I’m not that inept when I’m talking to clients or potential clients on the phone. I’m calm and collected and able even to be (appropriately) funny. Must have something to do with feeling comfortable about what I’m talking about/explaining and not being good at making small talk. I’ll be 32 in August, I’d like to move out of the gangly-feeling adolescent stage at some point in the near future (face take note: this means you as well–breakouts are not attractive at 14, even less so the same week each and every month on an almost 32 year old face).

    I think that about covers everything currently on my mind.

    Oh, that and which of the new Mountain Dew flavors? I think I’m going to have to go with the Voltage as the Raspberry Citrus is just good stuff.


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    You want to read this, I know you do

    April 1, 2007

    So, uh, have I told you all how pretty and fabulous you all are lately? No? Well, you all are and I’m not just saying that because I need something–a small favor, let’s say.

    I need a little bit of practice and inspiration on my blog design. So…I need a few people who would be interested in a new design/theme/spruce up/change at their blog and would be willing to let me work my magic on their blog.

    So here’s the scoop–I’ll design something fabulous for you (custom header, sidebar, flkr, etc) for FREE (that got your attention didn’t it? I thought so.) and if you don’t like my design, I’ll change everything back to how it was before–no hard feelings. However, if you like it? You’ll let me put my small ‘designed by Trena B.’ button on your blog and a screenshot will go into my portfolio.

    A few groundrules: If you want images (like from Istock Photo ), you will have to buy them (they are really reasonably priced)and host them wherever (I host mine for free at Photobucket. Also, please don’t be greedy–I will try to accomodate, to the best of my ability, what you want in your design, but please don’t be difficult.

    The blogging platforms that I’m familiar with are Blogger and Word Press , but I could also reasonably find my way around Type Pad as well.

    So, if you’re interested, drop me a line at: idachick ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com (you know what to do with the ‘at’ & ‘dot’ parts, right?!!). I’ll take the first five live bodies, first come, first serve. If you already have an idea/theme/color(s) that you have in mind, let me know. If not, we can hash out the details.

    Thanks so much in advance!!!