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    A whole lotta randomness

    August 31, 2006

    Since The Boy has decided that a) he does not need to nap more than 20 minutes at a stretch and b)during all of the time that he is awake during the day he needs to be either laying on me or laying on me while attached to a boob, its been a little hard to type an update from chez youmeandababy as the hunt and peck method of typing is slower than waiting for paint to dry and about as frustrating as well.
    So…here is a bunch of random goodness, just for YOU! (and you and you and you too) It’s not apparent that I’m about asleep on my feet here, right?!!!

    –passed my six week check-up with flying colors today. Other good news, no it is NOT a yeast infection on my right nipple (lots of good times there and we’ll just leave it at that) and I have managed to lose another three pounds. This brings the grand total of pounds lost to 26. Somehow, the Gods of Pregnancy smiled on me and I only managed to gain a total of 20 pounds my entire pregnancy despite eating like a horse. I feel that this was a total fluke and fully expect to gain 60 next time around. I now am only 14 pounds from my ideal weight. I celebrated by eating chocolate. Go me!

    –My wonderful husband, after being off for the past 6 weeks, had to go back to work today. I’m happy he could stay home for 6 weeks but I feel bad he had to go back-it went way too quickly. Plus, I can’t say enough about how nice it was to have another pair of hands and to have another person to hold The Boy to allow me to regroup and re-strategize (amazing how much strategizing one does even for a 6 week old)

    –I made chicken enchiladas for dinner. You’re jealous, right? Well, you should be. They were delicious, especially now that I could enjoy eating them without tasting them again and again and again for hours after I ate them the first time. Yay post-pregnancy body that doesn’t have reflux.

    –The Boy has started to really smile and if I’m really really lucky (and the stars and planets align just so) he’ll reward me with a huge toothless grin when I talk to him after he wakes up from a nap. I’m still hoping to be able to catch one on film and hopefully if the planets align just so, I’ll be able to post it here (Posting pictures on here is apparently beyond my current abilities since I made the switch to the Beta system; I am hopeful that I will still triumph and eventually be smart enough to post my pictures).

    Well. I’m off to bed before The Boy and I start another fun day of hanging out way too early tomorrow. Here’s to 5 hours of sleep!