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    Bedtime, now with 10% less crying

    February 20, 2008

    I hesitate to start off by saying that maybe, just maybe, things went a little easier last night, because you know that if I were to say that (and not that I am), tonight would be an all-night scream-fest. So, uh, let’s just hypothetically say that although there may still have been hours (yes that would mean multiple hours) of crying, there may or may not have been overall less crying. Maybe.

    There were, however brief, two different occasions where Owen did eventually wind down enough to…wait for it…fall asleep on his own. Owen may not like the new regime in place for bedtime, but I think that if kept up, we may actually be on the road to an end destination of a Peaceful Evening lasting more than 2 hours (slogan: “keeping your sanity alive since 2006 by reminding you that you were once a real person with outside interests and abilities not involving the whims of a 32 inch dictator”). I will say that yes, this has been really difficult, but I honestly don’t think I had the fortitude necessary to follow through on this previous to the 18/19 month mark. I’m in awe that there are people who can (and do) sucessfully institute crying it out to get their baby to learn to put themselves back to sleep at a much younger age. I am not saying that I think that’s wrong at all–I just would have been a mess if we had tried this with Owen at the 6 month mark.

    Amazing what another year of sleepless nights and restless evenings will drive you to.

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    Bedtime tough love Round 1: the Aftermath

    February 19, 2008

    Although there were moments that I doubted that my sanity might make it, it appears that both Owen and I survived the first night of crying it out (alternate project title: “How to make an evening suck in a hurry and lose alot of sleep doing it”) without too many scars, emotional and otherwise.

    My child is extremely strong-willed, which I am grateful for because it will serve him well someday. Tenacity can be an effective tool to get where you want to go in life. He just doesn’t realize that Mama, after not sleeping for about 4 consecutive hours at a go for 19+ months (hey that last month before he was born wasn’t exactly filled with uninterrupted nights either) has a much stronger will and that the desire for an uninterrupted stretch of time in the evening to get work done far outstretches his puny by comparison will. I generally end up being flexible and going with the flow, but if I get to the point where I decide that this is it and draw my line in the sand and dig my heels in, I’m in it to the bitter bitter end and failure is not something that computes. So yeah, it sucks that it has had to come down to a battle of wills between my child and I, but unfortunately, Mama needs her sanity, so I already know who is going to be the victor in this battle. And it isn’t someone who can be bribed to sit on the potty for M&M’s either. My Achilles heel is mini Butterfingers, thank you very much.

    Next up this evening, Bedtime tough love Round 2.

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    Larry Lungbutter says Hey

    January 2, 2008

    I have to postpone my little contest thingy for a week until January 7th because I have been so busy trying to keep my lungs from leaving the building and making sure that Owen’s nose doesn’t turn permanently green and crusty that I haven’t been able to do much else since Christmas.  Oh that’s right kids, we brought home an extra special present from our Christmas Adventure at Grandma and Grandpa’s house:  The Common Cold!

    Currently, I am rocking (silently) the no-voice action since I have apparently either completely coughed it away (my voice that is) or the Cold itself has set up home base in my vocal cords or some ugly ugly combination of the two.  Do you know how much fun it is to try to wrangle an almost 18 month old with no voice?  Can you say about as much fun (and just as much progress) as herding cats?!!

    After an ugly weekend and foolishly thinking we were past the worst part, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day proved me wrong.  I am cautiously optimistic that really, the Boy and I are truly closer to being on the mend than we were this morning (seriously–you KNOW it’s bad when you’re so congested that you have the nastiest eye goop ever because it just has nowhere else to go.  Would not have been surprised to start oozing out of my ears.  I’m just sayin’, is all) but it wouldn’t really surprise me to wake up tomorrow to find that somehow we have become even more sick and now must again brave the cold cold wind (NEGATIVE TEMPERATURES PEOPLE–IN SOUTHERN VIRGINIA–this is NOT.GOOD.) and annoying people who have no problem overcoming their social graces in order to ask me all about how and what I’m doing in order to take care of Owen and WHY IS HE NOT WEARING A HAT IN THESE TEMPERATURES (answer: um, because his jacket has a nice fleece lined hood and oh yeah–good luck trying to keep a hat on that boy?) in order to procure yet another MegaSuperMassive Quad pack of tissues (at last count we just tore into Quad #3.  That’s with 4 large-ish boxes of tissues being in each Quad Pack.  LOTS.OF.TISSUES) 

    Now, I’m going off to drag my sorry sorry carcass into bed where I can hopefully manage to maintain a nice comfortable consistent body temperature (please let me not be the only one to suffer from night sweats when I’m sick) and not awaken  at 3 am to have to prevent Pnuematic and Wheezy (that would be my left and right lungs, respectively) from making a quick and hasty exit yet again.