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    Gee, I wonder what made me think it wasn’t from Paypal?

    September 29, 2008

    I mean, if you received this in an email account that you don’t even use to access your Paypal account, you’d totally believe that it’s authentic, right?

    PS: Phishers? You may want to take another look at your spelling of ‘there’. Just sayin’.

    Dear Customer,

    Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts
    on your account, we belive that, their might be some
    security problems on your account.
    So we decided to put an extra verification process to
    ensure your identity and account security.
    To continue the verification process and ensure your
    account security

    Sign in to Internet Banking

    (actual link disabled, don’t want anyone to give these clowns business)

    you for being a valued HSBC Bank client.
    face="Arial" size="2">
    Security Advisor
    HSBC Bank

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    Note to self

    July 22, 2007

    When you’re preparing food for someone’s first birthday party and tearing your hair out over how everything might fit in the fridge for the four hours previous to the party, a great way to make some extra room is to grab the carton of eggs.

    The just-bought-yesterday-only-missing-two-thank-goodness-I-already-made-the-birthday-cake carton of eggs. This is especially great for making room if you grab said carton of eggs by the not quite shut lid/latch and all 10 of the remaining eggs fly out onto the kitchen floor, each cracking as they touch down, into a big sticky raw egg mess.

    Ta-da! Instant room now available in the fridge.

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    Note to self

    June 22, 2007

    If you repeatedly press the same radio station button instead of the scan button while not looking and keeping your eyes on the road like you’re supposed to, you will most likely end up listening to the same annoying song instead of something new. That is, until the song ends anyway.

    Just to clear that up so that there will be no freaking out that every single radio station on the dial is playing the same crappy song.