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    It may not be 100…

    November 30, 2007

    …but here is a random (yet strangely compelling) list of why Tootisio (name changed to protect the guilty) is my best friend:

     1) That picture, a compromising shot of my (large white) butt.  Although, now after having had a baby and showing the goods to anyone at the hospital who even looked remotely interested, the threat of her sharing my nekkid butt with the world is slightly less scary.

    2) Who else would suffer through a date with Oily McIsinginthechurchchoir just so that I could double with his friend Hotty McSexyLegalBriefs?  I have spent the better part of the evening trying to remember what it was that he said to you that was so funny (not that he was trying to be funny) and sadly can’t remember.

    3) That one time when we had the big fight.  What exactly were we fighting over again?

    4) The shared creepiness that was being friends with P.  I don’t dare write her name for fear that she would somehow google it, find us both, kill us and totally make it look like an accident.  Not that I live in fear of this ever happening.  Just saying, hypothetically, you know.

    5) That thawed potroast that sat in the sink and made us come to the realization that hey–it wasn’t just going to cook itself.

    6) My fantastic rendition of something in a tuxedo?  I know you know what I’m talking about here–what was his name again?  The thing that has haunted me all these years–where did he disappear to?  Will he show up at our 20 year reunion?!!!  Inquiring minds need to know!

    7) All of the time spent perfecting our code words.  Although sadly, my brain’s capacity for being able to remember what/who they represented has sadly diminished.  I do remember that if the perverTs broke in, it was supposed to be something about red ribbon so that said perverTs wouldn’t know that you were totally telling someone to HALP HALP CALL THE POLICE, WE’S GOTS PERVERtS.

    8) All the times I was complained about being the last one on Earth to get married.  Ever.  Not that I am dramatic much or anything.  Or that there are days where I could miss those single unmarried days.

    9) All the fun stuff–finding out Mi was on his way in the Fred Meyer Bathroom, Ab being born the day after my birthday (I know you totally held out as long as you could and I totally appreciate it), Mi asking me if my gut was my baby when I stayed over after Se was born.

    10) Even though I stink at being a good friend alot of the time, you still love me and accept me, warts and all.

    See–now you have your very own post all about you!

    Love and az whee pay’s for all :)


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    Uh….that’s like pretty cool or something?!!

    November 29, 2007

    I cannot fully express how glad I am that tomorrow night is the last night of the month of November.  I have enjoyed writing more, except on nights like tonight where I am having a hard time coming up with anything at all and am fighting against drooping eyelids (blog fillibuster?  surely you kid!!!) but it will definitely be nice come Saturday when I don’t have to write one single solitary word over here.  I’m sure this next bit will come back to haunt me, but I really do think I’ll try to write more over here, even when I’m not participating in the Bataan Death March fun that is NoBloPoMo.  It probably won’t be every day, but I think a goal of three times a week is certainly within my grasp.

     Now off to bed.  I need my beauty sleep you know!

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    Your stomach will thank me later

    November 28, 2007

    I am a fan of casseroles.  I’m a fan of good casseroles-alot of what’s out there, especially at large functions like a church dinner, are not so good.  With that, I give you my doctored-up version of the old standby, Chicken & Rice Casserole:

     You will need:

    1 can cream of mushroom condensed soup (I guess you could probably use any ‘cream of …’ soup if you really didn’t want to use the mushroom)

    1 cup rice, uncooked

    1 can of milk (just use the soup can after you empty the soup out of it)

    1/2 tsp. rosemary

    1/2 tsp. thyme

    1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

    4 pieces of chicken, uncooked (by pieces, I mean breasts, legs, thighs, etc.  I would HIGHLY recommend using at least one thigh–it will really add some good flavor overall to the dish)

    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees  

    In separate bowl, mix together all ingredients except chicken.  Place chicken in semi-deep lidded baking dish.  Pour mixture over chicken.  Put lid on and place in oven.

    Bake for 45-55 minutes or until chicken is cooked.  I find that if I check the casserole every 20-25 minutes and stir up the mix around the chicken while it’s cooking, I don’t end up with sections of undercooked rice.  You can also leave off the lid for the last 15 minutes of cooking if you like a more crisp top.