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    So I’ve been a little busy…

    December 13, 2008

    Let’s just say that 2.5 years (as in how old Owen will be come January 19th) is running me ragged most days. 2.5 is funny, entertaining and extremely trying all in one highly energetic and loving bundle.

    Never fear though, I have been taking time out to keep myself amused. I finally caved and opened my own Etsy shop–you can visit here if you are so inclined:Jumping Bean Designs. Sewing is (for the most part) very relaxing and enjoyable for me and as an added bonus, Owen will tolerate me sitting at the sewing machine while he plays nearby, unlike his intense and immediate need to drag me away the moment I sit down in front of the computer. Plus I let him cut all my threads with a very sharp pair of scissors, so that could be definitely be a plus for his feelings toward the sewing machine.

    Hope all is well with you and yours this time of year and although the economy might currently suck (and getting worse by the day), may you be blessed to have life continue on pretty much as usual.

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    *Warning* This post has absolutely no cohesive topics *Warning*

    May 28, 2008

    My pep talk to the garden (small exerpt: Grow dammit, or I will stomp a mudhole in you and walk it dry. I know, I should TOTALLY be a motivational speaker) has apparently worked because on Tuesday? I ate the first radish from the garden. Granted, it was a little bit smaller (still overall good-sized though) and therefore a bit more zesty than I care for, but still, I WAS ABLE TO EAT SOMETHING OUT OF THE GARDEN THAT I GREW WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS. Note to self: Get out of the house more often, STAT.

    I am also working on overcoming my fear of talking myself up to total strangers in the interest of growing my portfolio so I can make my ever closer escape from workplace a reality. Believe it or not, this is actually resulting in a more positive outcome than I would have initially guessed. On a totally unrelated and non-biased tangent, you don’t happen to have a website or blog that you need designed and want to pay someone oodles of paper with dollar signs all over them, do you? Why am I asking? Oh, no reason at all. ( /shameless self-promotion).

    Thing the third: Who will win Top Chef next week? Who do I want to win. Now that they’ve weeded out all the psychos, it’s kind of hard to pick who is the most lame. Although, I have to say I am so glad that Dale had to pack his knives last week, because he seriously made me have anger issues and I found myself shouting things at the TV against him because he made me so angry for all the other chefs who had to compete against him. Don’t watch Top Chef? Don’t worry, I’m totally not a complete loon–I just feel a mite strongly about my cooking competition shows. Yet one more endearing personality quirk. No, it isn’t a personality ‘flaw’…quirk just sounds so much more…not most likely to go crazy and end up on the news, don’t you think?.

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    My future heartbreaker

    March 7, 2007

    Owen has managed to catch his first cold, conveniently at the same time that my husband has been sick as well, so I’ve been busy taking care of my two babies. Three shiny gold stickers to whomever can guess who the bigger baby has been (hint–it isn’t the one who still wears diapers). It seems like the worst is over and everyone is on the mend.

    What I would like to know is why it has to be such a terrible thing to have your nose picked. Owen acts like I’m asking for a kidney every time I pick a huge booger out of his nose. Little newsflash pal, it isn’t like I look forward to the privilege of picking your nose and I do believe I’m doing you a favor by making it easier to breathe.

    On a completely different tangent, I have discovered the coolest thing: Pandora It is entirely possible that this has been around for a while and I am just now finding it as I tend to be on the tail end of cool new things. It’s a free (and legal) music search/play thing that I won’t be able to do justice trying to explain–so you just need to go and visit the link and see for yourself.

    Now I’m off to the craft store to buy yarn (glorious yarn–my secret weapon in my bid to take over the world) and a new pattern. I’ve wanted to knit a blanket for Owen for a while and thought I had found an easy and cool looking pattern. After my third attempt to make it past row 28 and my third result of having to rip everything out yet again I’m done with the stupid pattern and looking for something different that won’t cause me more stress. Knitting is supposed to be relaxing, right?