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    it's like everybody jumping off of a building, but better

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    It’s me!  I’ve been married to my mostly wonderful husband since June 2004 and Mama to our highly entertaining little boy Owen since July 2006.  My husband travels alot for work (attention Google pervs: I have a shotgun and am a good shot), so Owen and I get to spend alot of time entertaining each other. I work part-time outside the home so that I can remember what it’s like to talk to real people about things not involving vivid descriptions of the contents of my child’s diaper. Because free time is overrated and my BA in history didn’t quite give me the employment satisfaction I thought it would, I’m also a part-time student in the process of working towards an IT/Database degree and run a small web-design business, trena b. designs as well.

    Sarcasm, dry humor and cold Mountain Dew are what help get me through the day. I also enjoy cake with frosting and 0% humidity.