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    I have thoughts inside my head

    January 22, 2009

    And how great would it be if I would actually post those thoughts to my blog? Fantastic indeed.

    School is back in as of last week and we are 75% finished with potty training around my house. Except someone, who shall remain anonymous but wears size 2t underwear, is having some issues with wanting the Browns to make it to the Super Bowl, if you know what I’m saying and anyone who’s a parent does, so there have been some ugly moments. I mean really, none of the parenting books (that I’ve perused anyway) have that special chapter to prepare you on how to gently break it to your child that their stomach will continue to hurt until they finally give in and poop and that no amount of leg crossing is going to hold things back when their body finally decides it’s had enough. Especially when their mother is slipping them large amounts of prune juice in their sippy cup. *Ahem* Not that I or anyone in my household would know anything about any of those things.

    I have also become so enamored of my twitter account in the last few days. Wow, all these random thoughts that flit around in my mind, I can totally share them, nay–I totally NEED to share them with the world and people with choose to follow me on account of it. Daily self-validation in carefully measured 140 characters or less sized doses. Is it wrong to be relieved when someone un-follows you and as a result you can un-follow them and all their stupid, inane and not worth reading tweets? Well, if so, then I probably don’t want to be right.