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    Gee, I wonder what made me think it wasn’t from Paypal?

    September 29, 2008

    I mean, if you received this in an email account that you don’t even use to access your Paypal account, you’d totally believe that it’s authentic, right?

    PS: Phishers? You may want to take another look at your spelling of ‘there’. Just sayin’.

    Dear Customer,

    Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts
    on your account, we belive that, their might be some
    security problems on your account.
    So we decided to put an extra verification process to
    ensure your identity and account security.
    To continue the verification process and ensure your
    account security

    Sign in to Internet Banking

    (actual link disabled, don’t want anyone to give these clowns business)

    you for being a valued HSBC Bank client.
    face="Arial" size="2">
    Security Advisor
    HSBC Bank

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    Yet another example of why I need to drink on a daily basis

    September 16, 2008

    This is how today went down:

    I finally decided, almost 2 weeks later, that yeah, I REALLY HATE my haircut. It’s either too short to do some things with style-wise or conversely it’s too long to do other things with style-wise. Basically my usual routine (wash and let dry naturally) is not cutting it, currently resulting in even more frumpiness (now with the added bonus of frizz and greasy-ness from too much touching and re-touching of the hair) on top of my head. I found the blow dryer (in a box, where it’s been languishing for oh….only about 3 years now) and blow-drying made things marginally better.

    But then Internet? I had the idea that sent the whole day careening merrily off to Hell in a cute little handbasket.

    I remembered that I also own a flat iron and that if I could locate it (in another different box) and apply it liberally all over my head, I might even like my hair today. So back downstairs Owen and I went, ready to pick through the boxes. I can’t exactly explain my rationale for the next part of the story, but just trust me Internet, I know I must have had good intentions. At some point, and this is where it gets a little hazy because I am trying SO HARD TO FORGET, I went into the room where the furnace is (there are boxes in there as well) and it occured to me that some of the boxes would need to be moved soon as we would be using the furnace in another month or so and the room gets a bit on the warm side when the furnace runs. So I moved some of the boxes out of the room. For some reason, I had the random thought of wondering if there was anything underneath the oil storage tank (oil for the furnace). I took my flashlight and peeked, and sure enough, I could make out something that looked like a box…or packaging material of some kind. Figuring that paper type material hanging out underneath the oil tank falls directly into the category of Potentially Hazardous Things, I managed to get a yard stick and push out whatever it was hanging out underneath there.

    Internet, all I can say is that my eyes, they burn. They STILL BURN. OH IT WAS AWFUL. For what did I find underneath our oil tank, but PORN and even more gross, OTHER PEOPLE’S (like the previous occupants of our house kind of people) PORN. Not that I was trying to uh, look (hey, whatever goes on at your house behind locked doors and windows is totally peachy keen, but our abode is strictly an other naked people getting it on free zone, if you know what I’m saying and I think you do *AHEM*) but the people were naked. REALLY REALLY NAKED AND APPARENTLY REALLY HAPPY TO SEE ONE ANOTHER IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Black modesty dots? NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. Not that I was uh, severely traumatized or anything. *Bites knuckles*

    I called my husband to tell him of my little find and he laughed. Oh Internet, he LAUGHED at me and told me to just throw what I found away in the trash bin . You know, out where our neighbors could happen to look in and get the wrong idea about what exactly goes on over here at casa YouMeAndABaby. So tomorrow, I get to venture back downstairs and triple bag my little basement treasure to ready it for it’s big (NAKED) trip to the landfill.

    As the topper to my day, I also discovered (tonight, when it was dark no less) that I somehow have brakelights that work but no taillights. My mantra all the way home was “PLEASE DON’T GET PULLED OVER, PLEASE DON’T GET PULLED OVER”. Despite feeling like the Universe had it out for me today, we managed to make it home without running into any police officers. I’m sure tomorrow’s trip to Advance Auto to figure out the problem will result in another highly entertaining blog post.

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    A little ear candy

    September 3, 2008

    This is a song that I could listen to over and over…it’s actually an old (old old) hymn–this interpretation of it is from the early 90’s solo album (Counterfeit) of Martin Gore (member of Depeche Mode). The beginning is a little eh, but bear with it (it’s only 2:49 long)–totally worth it.

    Another song that I could listen to over and over. The words make me tear up almost every time.

    And if we’re talking music, which I’m pretty sure we are Internet, this wouldn’t be complete without a few selections from Dave