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    I’m not dead…

    December 26, 2007

    …just trying to recover from Christmas, staying with relatives for 3 days and making 2 different round trips to North Carolina in the space of 5 days.

     I’m a little pooped.

    Be back soon.

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    …and the winner is…

    December 21, 2007

    Josh is the big winner of the 2 fabulous Rachel Ray cookbooks with comment #11.  Because I was up late trying to make something work on a page for a client, I am very sleepy today and thus forgot to send my screenshots to myself at home (D’OH!) and because I am lazy, there was no way I was packing up Owen and trucking back down to my office this afternoon just to send myself an email at home.  So you’ll just have to believe me, missing randomizer screenshots and all.  Really, would I lie to you?  Heh.

     No, really, Josh’s comment did randomly get picked, so Josh, email me at : trena ‘at’ youmeandababy’dot’com and I’ll get your pertinent information to send these out to you.

    I only wish I had more Rachel Ray cookbooks to give away to the other participant (I loved the cheesecake story–so something I would do), but like I mentioned earlier today, this was so much fun, that I want to do a little contest somethin’ somethin’ every month.  So come back on January 2nd to find out what I’m giving away for January.  I’ll give you a little hint–it won’t be something I’ve previously owned and it won’t be cookbooks!

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    Weener, weener, weener, we have a WINNER!

    So I took all the actual comments (that weren’t links back to my fabulous contest or the one comment by my in real life best friend), counted them up (there were 13!  You all (especially Josh) were prolific!) and ran it through a number randomizer to pick the winner of my Rachel Ray cookbooks.

    I even took screenshots of the winning number process, so that there would be no question of favoritism (or hanging chads which would require a recount–oh wait, wrong contest).

    However, I am currently at work and lack the capabilities to post my screenshots, so I’ll announce the ‘official’ winner later tonight with screenshots (12/21/2007). 

    This was so much fun (and your comments made me laugh when I really needed a laugh, especially about Wibbly Peen, although I think my blog has now gone from being ‘PG-13′ to a definite ‘NC-17′ rating ;) ) that I am going to try to have some sort of contest every month.  So, if you didn’t win this time around, come back on January 2, 2008 to see what my contest is for January.