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    Be jealous

    October 21, 2007

    Big red letter warning–way way way tmi straight ahead.  Forge on if you’re brave…

     My darling husband has had…shall we say…a bit of a rumbly tummy this evening which has resulted in sudden odoriffic blasts of death that give absolutely no auditory warning of impending doom to the innocent passerby. 

    After one too many times of getting nasally assaulted (seriously–so bad it was almost like I could taste it), I asked my wonderful husband if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to maybe warn me verbally when he was about to let loose so I could leave the room.  ‘Cause I enjoy breathing and all.  Without a gas mask.

    He grumbled and whined that really, was it SO bad and besides how did I know it was even him (uh, hmm…it wasn’t me and Owen’s been asleep for over an hour?) and slunk off to the bedroom to listen to his UVa (go ‘Hoos!) football game.

     Ten minutes later:

    Trena’s husband (urgently and loudly from bedroom): Pssst!!!!  Pssst!!!

    Trena (who tears from office to bedroom because it sounds serious): What’s the matter?

    *The unmistakable stench commences to reach my nose and slap me around a bit*

    Trena’s Husband (broadly grinning like the village idiot): I just wanted to let you know that I farted.  You know, in case you were wondering.

    Trena: *thinks dark thoughts, twitches and mumbles under breath* Hmmph

    Seriously ladies, I know,  I KNOW.  But sadly, he’s all mine and I’m stuck with him like crappy Halloween candy the day after Halloween and not up for grabs.

    He does however have a younger brother who is still very single.  Line starts to the left.

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    Mother-Talk book review: The Reincarnationist

    October 20, 2007

                                      The Reincarnationist Book JacketHave you ever met someone and inexplicably felt like you knew them from somewhere else and couldn’t explain it?  Or visited somewhere and felt that you had some sort of unexplainable connection?  Perhaps the reason is because you have been to that place or met that individual previously–just not in this lifetime.

    M. J. Rose’s latest book, The Reincarnationist, which centers specifically around the premise that everyone has led multiple lives over the centuries and sometimes parts of those other lives break through into our current lives, spins a powerful tale that is part mystery, part intrigue and even at times, part romance. 

    The main story centers around photographer Josh Ryder who, after a life-altering accident and subsequent recovery, starts experiencing flashbacks of another time and place that he should have no way of remembering.  Josh’s journey to understand what exactly is happening to him leads him across the world to a secret archeological dig in Rome that has just unearthed a secret treasure that could change the world.  Not everyone wants this secret to be shared with the world and one shadowy figure in particular is even willing to kill to keep the secret from getting out.

    I was really excited to receive this book to review–historical fiction is one of my favorite genres.  The book started off a little slow, but after the first few chapters, the overall pace of the story really picked up and then it was all I could do to stop myself from staying up all night to read.  Regardless of whether you believe that reincarnation is real, this book is entertaining, addictive, and even makes you think.  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good read.

    Additionally, I received some information with the book that detailed the author, M.J. Rose, is planning on doing a whole series of books in a similar vein to The Reincarnationist.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series to hit the shelf.

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    Because I have so much free time

    October 18, 2007

    I’m in

     So is it November 30th yet?