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    Note to Self

    December 27, 2006

    If you are aware that you are lactose intolerant, it is probably not the best idea to see if you can eat approximately half your body weight in Holiday goodies made with many dairy products.


    The resulting ‘quality’ time spent in the bathroom will allow you to effectively plan out the junk food detox of the house for the new year.

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    On the day before the day before Christmas, my true love gave to me…

    December 23, 2006

    A big fat headache. Ha ha. I’m just kidding, sort of. Can it be January yet?

    Everything except a few groceries (imagine–normal activities that run the household must be completed this time of year as well) have been bought. Nothing’s wrapped yet, but it is all purchased. There is plenty of chocolate in the house, which I will need in order to have everything ready to go before we leave for my in-law’s house tomorrow afternoon. Those fifteen pounds that I was trying to lose after Owen was born? Yeah, after all the holiday goodies I’ve been shoveling in my mouth (mmm….butter) it’s now hovering around 20. Guess I’ll be in the gym with all the other people on January 2nd.

    I won’t have time to post again until after the holiday…so I’ll catch you all on the flip side. Have a Merry (insert your holiday here) and I hope that it is either a) enjoyable or b) you have enough alcohol on hand that can make it enjoyable.

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    It’s not beginning to look alot like Christmas

    December 17, 2006

    I don’t think we’re going to be lucky enough to have a white Christmas for Owen’s first Christmas–today the thermometer hit 70 (it’s been hovering in the mid-60’s for the last week) and more of the same is predicted for the next week. I’m not complaining really–normally at this time of year I go from being bundled up in the house to all my layers I need to wear for outside and complain bitterly all the while about how cold I am. Not so much this year. It’s been so nice out, I’m almost waiting for the cranky next door neighbors to start complaining about the lawn and our need to mow it again (sorry suckers–it’s December and we forgot how to run the lawnmower until late April at the very earliest).

    Some of my Christmas shopping is done–My husband and Owen have been done for awhile and all the rest are getting gift cards (what better way to say, “Hey, I like you but was too overwhelmed to think about what you might really want.”) so that shouldn’t be too hard.

    We go to my husband’s parent’s house for a dinner and the opening of presents on Christmas Eve, then spend Christmas day at home with our own small family. The one big important task I have this week is to get my candy made and ready to go for Sunday. Every year I make a couple of different types of candy for the big family dinner. It’s easier than stressing over what side dish I could make and not end up taking leftovers home from.

    Here’s my recipe for homemade turtles. You’re welcome.

    Trena’s Homemade Turtles

    You will need:
    *cookie sheet
    *stick of butter (or butter wrapper if you’re one of those thrifty people who save the butter wrappers with their little remaining butter on them to grease things with)
    *pecan halves
    *caramels (I use the Kraft brand–they seem to work really well)
    *Milk Chocolate chocolate chips (you can use semi-sweet or another flavor if you want-this is what’s popular at our place)

    Turn oven on at 325 degrees. Cover your cookie sheet with tinfoil and grease foil with butter. Place 12 pecan halves on sheet a fair distance apart. Take a caramel and place on top of each pecan half, flattening the caramel just enough to cover most of the pecan (don’t stress about being exact here–this is not an exact science!). Place in oven for about 7 minutes–long enough to get caramel soft and melty. Place 5-6 (or more if your pecans are really large) chocolate chips on top caramel on each pecan. By the time you have put chips on the last pecan half, the first one should have melted all the chocolate. I usually take a knife and kind of smooth out the chocolate on top of the pecan to make it cover everywhere and look nice. Let turtles sit for a few minutes to harden up, when completely cooled transfer to container. Repeat for as many batches as desired.