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    Dear Santa, this year I would like…

    November 30, 2006

    …a major dose of patience please. I really feel like if I had even just an ounce more patience than I currently possess, things might go better for me. I would be able to be more relaxed and mellow about things and not so on edge, fight-or-flight ready all the time.

    I think some extra patience would help with Owen too. Tonight was one of those nights here at casa youmeandababy. Luckily, we are really fortunate and don’t really have many more nights than one or two every couple of weeks where the boy is on one. However, when Owen is having a night, like this evening, I seriously contemplate two things: 1) The distinct possibility that despite wanting to have more children, Owen may remain an only child on purpose and 2) Can we rent him out by the hour as a paint stripper and how much should we charge? Because seriously? The boy’s voice when he is SO unhappy and SO tired and SO just needs to give it up and go to sleep? Could bring down old wallpaper in three shrieks, it is so loud and powerful (and so good for setting one’s teeth on edge, but I digress).

    I love Owen dearly, would not trade his presence in our lives for the world and cannot even express into words my feelings for him, but some days I feel so seriously inept and just overwhelmed by life itself, that I wonder if he’ll wish he had been so lucky to get other different better parents. I’m hopeful that somehow I’ll manage to have just that smidge more of patience that will make all the difference by the time he starts being able to remember.

    On a completely different tangent: Can I just say that regular corn bugle chips + candy corn eaten at the same time = massive party in one’s mouth? If you are a sweet with salty kind of person, I highly recommend!

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    All awkwardness all the time

    November 29, 2006

    Last night at the fabric store, I took Owen in his SUV-size stroller. Before I had even been in the store five minutes, I managed to take out a rack of craft books with the stroller.

    Did I mention that I managed to do this right in front of another customer?

    Graceful, I am not.

    Coordinated, I am not.

    Some people are lucky and manage to grow out of that uncoordinated gangly state during the teen years and manage to become graceful adults whose limbs work together to achieve unity for the whole body.

    Others, such as myself, never seem to outgrow being awkward and our limbs refuse to communicate with each other and instead seem hell bent on individually doing a body in as quickly and embarassingly as possible.

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    NoBloPoMo marches on

    November 28, 2006

    Only three more posts after today…oh how will I ever manage to find meaning in my life without the unrelenting pressure to post on a daily basis?


    I’m sure I’ll find something to fill the big black emotional hole left by the month of November and NoBloPoMo…you know, something like a toilet that needs to be scrubbed or those three Christmas stockings that need to be finished being knitted and ready to fill before 12/24…yes, something will take NoBloPoMo’s place rather quickly, I suspect.

    I’m still holding out to win one of the rocking prizes ’cause I do likey me some neato cheeto free stuff, I have to say.