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    Ebay, I love you

    June 30, 2006

    I first need to confess that I am so not a shopper. Not in the traditional sense anyway. When my husband and I go out to run errands and shopping is involved, I am definitely the man in the relationship. I make a list before I go of exactly what I need at each place and move in, purchase said items and move out with almost military precision. My wonderful husband however, can spend over an hour just…wandering around looking at things and leave without even buying anything. Needless to say, the two shopping styles don’t exactly mesh well (apparently it isn’t conducive to making decisions when I’m whining “We’ve been here for 20 minutes alreadyyyyyy…can we just GOOOOOOOOO?!!!!! Subtle, I am not) so we really don’t go shopping together very often. This also cuts down on the need to go to therapy more often than not as well (I kid, I kid…sort of).

    However, I have, in the past year or so, truly discovered how wonderful online shopping can be. Addictive almost. I don’t keep up on alot of fashion trends, (flip-flops in every color of the rainbow and a comfy pair of knee-length men’s shorts is my usual basic summer wardrobe) so it isn’t like I’m looking to find this season’s must have Prada pumps, but it is nice to be able to just sit down at my computer and with a few clicks of the keys and swipes of the mouse, I can have the perfect curl tamer that I can’t find anywhere in town on its way to my own house in a matter of minutes (curly hair and lots of it + summer humidity in Virginia = something capable of taking over the world if not liberally coated with something involving de-frizzer).

    I’m also always in search of the best bargain possible. It’s almost a physical need I have to see just how on sale I can get something. I blame it on my family background–I have a New Englander grandmother who could pinch a penny so hard it would bleed, as well as a toughened Western grandma that will not buy something unless it is on sale–and a very good sale at that, in my lineage and it tends to make it difficult to just buy things. I know that if I purchase something without doing my research to find it cheap, the minute after I hit purchase, I will immediately discover it somewhere else for half off and then be required to mentally kick myself the rest of the afternoon. This is where my most favorite place in the whole wide world enters in–Ebay. Ebay is like the biggest Wal-Mart ever, but without the drag of apathetic clerks who hate their job and long lines in the check-out lane. Anymore, if I want to buy something, I have to go to Ebay first and see if I can get it lower there than anywhere else. Sometimes, I will wait and watch for over several weeks, just stalking the best price possible. Its like garage-saling without the pressure of the property owner sizing you up and giving you the hairy eyeball while you contemplate if you really need that KISS 1982 concert t-shirt for $1.50. Not that I’ve ever bought that particular item online. At least not for $1.50…but if I could find it for $1.25, then that might be a different story.

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    Like the dating game but…not…quite…the…same…

    June 28, 2006

    Have I mentioned that I’m having a baby? Ha ha ha…that’s pretty funny. With how much I complain these days, I don’t think it is possible that anyone within earshot can possibly miss that I am like a ticking bomb, so close to going off and delivering this kid. Plus there’s that whole reaction upon actually visually seeing just how full of baby boy I currently am (co-workers have been doing the low whistle upon seeing me turn sideways for the past week. I’m not quite sure whether I should be ashamed or proud).

    Ahem. Okay so yes, now that we have clarified that yes I am a) pregnant (36 weeks worth) and b) ready to give birth like yesterday (yes yes, I realize that I am not even full term until next week, so really I’m being a bit facetious here–but anyone who has ever been pregnant so knows what I’m feeling) let’s talk about my fabulous doctor’s visit today. I know you are all just dying to know the oh-so-exciting details (ha).

    Up until last week’s appointment (week 35), I hadn’t actually met with any of the 3 doctors in the practice that might deliver my little boy. I’d just kept on seeing the same nurse practitioner that I always see for appointments until it suddenly hit me that, Hey–I’m getting closer to this actually being done and it might be nice to have an idea of which face might show up at my crotch urging me to push a little ahead of time (I like surprises…but only to a certain degree–call me crazy). So, I started the doctor rotation with each visit. So far, with today’s visit, I’ve met two of the three possibilities for who will be in the delivery room with us. Is it bad that the whole process makes me think of that old game show, ‘The Dating Game’? Instead of bachelor #1, 2, and 3 I have Doctor #1, 2, and 3. I have this little dialogue (along with the snappy theme music) that goes on in my head, something along the lines of this:

    Prego (aka grumpy hormonal me): Doctor #1, what’s your idea of the ideal delivery?

    Doctor #1: well, first we’d make sure you’re really in labor and dialated to a 10, then we’d start the pushing…

    Prego: That sounds great. Doctor #2, same question.

    Doctor#2: Well, we’d start with you strapped to the bed with monitors on you and the baby and a self-administered epidural available at the touch then move to a slow pitocin drip…

    Prego: Mmmm…that sounds wonderful (giggle)

    So far the 2 doctors that I’ve actually met have been nice (one kind of reminded me of my dad, which was a little…weird). I’ve heard the 3rd (to be met next week) is the funny one…so I guess I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that I like him too and that I manage to be lucky enough to have him be the on-call doctor when I actually go into labor.

    In other exciting news, I did manage to find out that I am strep B negative this week (not that I was too worried…just one more thing NOT to have to think about). However, finding out that the swab test would be occuring at last week’s appointment with the doctor I had never met before (yes, hello, nice to meet you and here is my crotch) was a little ahem…exciting (and not in the good exciting kind of way either).

    Only 11 more working days until Maternity leave starts and I can be the beached pregnant whale on the bed like I want to be. I think everything that needs to be bought has been (with the exception of the baby monitor to be bought this weekend–any suggestions?) and I’m hoping to start packing my bag. I’m just really really ready to have this baby in like 3 weeks and not 5 (which Dr. #1 so helpfully reminded me last week is the typical norm for a first time mom–41 weeks). Here’s to not losing my mind or smothering my husband (so help me if he tells me one more time it can’t be that bad…I’m not responsible for my actions…seriously) in the next few weeks!

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    You know what this needs?

    June 22, 2006

    As I was driving home from work, the awesome classic rock station that I listen to was playing Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t fear the Reaper”. How lame am I? Instead of turning it up and just enjoying the song, all I can think about is the SNL skit with Will Ferrell and how that song just needed some more cow bell.